Sell out Adele and her ZOG Paymasters

Adele is signed to Richard Russell’s XL Recordings… she performs her single ‘hello’ with Negroes, banana and children’s metal Xylophone backstage of the Jimmy Fannon show….


XL Recordings (a multi million pound record label owned by North London Finchley Jew Richard Russell) modest offices located on a secluded  North London back street in Notting Hill…

XL Recordings is part of another even bigger Zionist label… the Beggars Group (net worth 102 million sterling) this time located in an even more modest, obscured South London location…

ZOG Queen hands Zionist Martin Mills (Beggars group) an MBE…


Greedy beggar Mills (the beggar who does as he chooses) is in service to the Queen through being a member of Saint Martins in the Fields “Jesus the Beggar” desolation ‘white genocide’ covenant of the Red Square located at Saint in the Fields church in Trafalgar Square (located next to the UK / African embassy).


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